Would You Like to Work for CFAN?

The CFAN Team

In order to exceed our customers’ expectations and achieve operational excellence, an empowered workforce is essential. The success of CFAN can be explained by our dynamic culture of teamwork and an engaged workforce.

Employees at every level have been trained to use the tools and methodology of High-Performance Work Teams (HPWT). Through the application of these tools along with Six Sigma methodology and Lean Manufacturing concepts, CFAN is able to meet the challenges of manufacturing the most technically complex composite parts.

Our rigorous approach to problem-solving is only part of the story. At CFAN we foster an atmosphere where people are inspired to bring their best attitude to the workplace. We seek opportunities to reinforce positive connections with our work, our colleagues and our customers.

Located in the vibrant and fast-growing I-35 corridor between Austin and San Antonio, CFAN is able to attract talent from several nearby universities, including Texas State University and the fifty thousand students’ strong University of Texas at Austin. The high quality of life in the surrounding communities enables CFAN to retain a stable and dedicated workforce.

How to Apply

If you would like the opportunity to join the CFAN family, please look for our job ad at www.indeed.com.

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